Key outputs

  1. A new modeling system to couple the wind and wave models that has strength over storm conditions and for coastal areas. This is realized through the development of a wave boundary layer model that couples the atmospheric model WRF and wave model SWAN in the framework of COAWST.
  2. Improved ocean wave model suit MIKE with consideration of current and atmospheric stability effect.
  3. Extreme wind atlas through modeling of hundreds of storms  over the North Sea using the new modeling system.
  4. Extreme wave atlas through modeling of more than a thousand of storms over the North Sea using (a) the new modeling system (2) offline coupling of MIKE and WRF.
  5. Implementation of 5 popular roughness length parameterization schemes in the COAWST system.
  6. Improvement if the Janssen scheme (Janssen 1991) in the COAWST system.