Project report

The project has delivered all planned deliverables in time. Though some of the planed deliverables have been merged into one due to the overlapping content and relevance between them. All deliverables have been presented to in Interim report format. The following list is an overview of the deliverables with the references included.

D1.1: The offline coupling system and the online coupling system  (Interim report I \ Only the technical reports in the original Interim report are provided. The description of the work progress and financial budget as in the original report can be found with

D1.2: Implementation of wave stress in the atmospheric model WRF (Access Interim report V here)

D1.3: MIKE 3 coupling added value (Access Interim report VI here)

D1.4+D1.9: Database of simulated storms. (Available at

D1.5: Atlas of the 50-year return wind at hub height for the Danish coastal zone. (Available at

D1.6: Journal paper about the improved atmospheric modeling of storm cases (Access journals here)

D1.7: Journal paper about the sensitivity of the modeling on the resolution (Access Interim report VII here)

D1.8+D1.10+D1.12: Report describing the tests performed and the model efficiency and sensitivities (Access Interim report VI here)

D1.11+D1.12: Report on the strategy and efficiency of the methodology (Access Interim report V here)

D1.13+D1.14: Journal papers (Access journals here)

D1.15: Implementation od MIKE 3 (Access Interim report IV here)

D1.16: Sensitivity of the heat transfer during extreme events - Sea surface temperature experiments (Access Interim report IV here)

M1.4: Subroutines in MIKE SW to estimate the parameters to be transferred to the atmosphere model  (Access Interim report II here)

M1.5: Implementation of a coupler (Access Interim report V here)

M1.7: Subroutines for the estimation of the sea spray heat fluxes and 2D fields of sea spray heat fluxes effect on the roughness (Access Interim report IV here and Interim report VI here)

D2.1: Report of X-WiWa Database (Access Interim report II here)

D1.6+D1.7+D3.1+D3.2: Validation of storm modeling (Access Interim report VII here)

D3.3: Reports on validation results of the improved extreme wind and description of strong wind statistics (See final project report, page 57).

D3.4: Reports on validation of wave modeling (See final project report, page 80).

D3.5: Final project report (Access final project report here)

M4.1: Mid-term assessment of the X-WiWa project (Access Interim report IV here)

D4.1: Periodic management reports (See Interim reports, top-right of this page)

D4.2: Dissemination plan (See Interim reports, top-right of this page)

D4.3: Final management report (Access final report here)